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Klimatkommunerna started as a network in 2003 and was transformed into an association in 2008. Today (February 2015) the association has 35 municipalities and county council members with altogether roughly 3 million inhabitants.

Swedish municipalities - unusually independent and autonomous

Sweden is divided into 290 municipalities and 21 regions. There is no hierarchical relation between municipalities and regions, since all have their own self-governing local authorities with responsibility for different activities. The only exception is Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea, where the municipality also has the responsibilities and tasks normally associated with a region. The country's municipalities and regions are responsible for providing a significant proportion of all public services. They have a considerable degree of autonomy and have independent powers of taxation. Local self-government and the right to levy taxes are stipulated in the Instrument of Government, one of the four pillars of the Swedish Constitution.

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What does Klimatkommunerna want?

The overall aim of Klimatkommunerna is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden. The association supports municipalities that want to work with the climate change issue and be a proactive participant in the national climate work, by highlighting the opportunities, barriers and driving forces that are important for achieving good results. Members of Klimatkommunerna meet regularly and exchange experiences of local actions, lobby towards the national level and show in debate articles, a monthly newsletter and social media how much is already happening on the local level. Klimatkommunerna disseminates information and experiences on local climate change initiatives and raise awareness on climate issues. The association also cooperates on an international level with other similar networks and other Covenant of Mayors Supporting Structures.


Municipalities who are interested in joining Klimatkommunerna are invited to take a membership test which is designed to indicate the overall strength of their work in the field, and how diverse the work is (energy, transport, procurement, communication etc). Municipalities who score higher than a certain score on the test are invited by the board to become members.

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