Linköping: Mobility as a Service (Maas)

The city of Linköping is developing a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) app. The Swedish Energy Agency has granted just over SEK 6 million for the development process, and a number of different mobility players are together building a user-friendly digital platform for increased sustainable travel.

An app will make it easier for the Linköping citizens to see the range of public and shared transport services. It will also be easier to switch between and pay for combined mobility services.

Some facts:

  • Linköping has 160,000 inhabitants and is Sweden´s fifth largest city with 20,000 incoming commuters daily
  • Between January 2020 and June 2021, the city will develop and introduce to the market a city wide – and city run – MaaS in Linköping. The app is expected to be released in autumn 2020.
  • The “customer” will be able to discover, book and pay for the range of shared mobility services.
  • With this service the city of Linköping wants to make it easier and more flexible to travel climate smart
  • New services: P2P car sharing and demand responsive ride service in rural areas.
  • The main target group is car-commuters who are open to new alternatives.
  • Linköping MaaS is a spin off from the national initiative “Sustainable mobility challenge” (SEA and SISP -Swedish incubators and Science Parks)

Here, you can find a presentation with more details about the project

What technical / physical environments are available?

Platform for containing travel planning, booking, ticket, payment and real-time information for, among other things, bike pools, rental cars, sharing cars and public transport. By making it easier to combine several modes of transport, the city becomes more accessible, resources are utilized more efficiently while contributing to Linköping’s goal of a carbon dioxide neutrality in 2025.

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