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Fossil free vehicle fleet in Botkyrka

A clear political mandate, central handling of the vehicles and investment in the drivers’ behavior were success factors in Botkyrka municipality’s work to increase the proportion of green cars.

As early as 2015, Botkyrka achieved its goal of becoming a fossil fuel-free organization, and all 180 vehicles owned by Botkyrka municipality can be powered by electricity, biogas or HVO.

There are about 130 biogas vehicles in the organization, the others are electric or can be refueled with HVO. The large, heavy construction machines are refueled in the municipality’s own HVO tank. Digital technology in the vehicles facilitates follow-up and control.

The municipality has invested in training the staff to refuel the right fuel. Follow-up of the refueling rate shows that just over 80% are fossil fuel-free.

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