Brun ko med tungan i näsborren.

Kristianstad - a leading producer of biogas since the 1990's

The City of Kristianstad has taken a holistic approach to biogas and set goals and measures in a biogas strategy. Biogas production in Kristianstad has been ongoing since the 1990s. The development began with problems handling large amounts of organic waste from the city’s food companies and from the farms in the area. Over time, the realization came that the waste could be considered a valuable raw material in the process of creating energy. A strength in Kristianstad’s biogas work is that households, agriculture and the food industry all participate as suppliers of raw materials for the municipal biogas plant. Production, distribution and use of the gas takes place in a collaboration between The City of Kristianstad, the energy company E.ON and the regional public transport body Skånetrafiken. Today there are three filling stations for biogas in the municipality.

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