Luleå: Climate smart, of course

For two years, the project Klimatsmart såklart (Climate smart, of course) took place in Luleå. The project brought together about twenty people from the municipality’s administrations and companies to influence employees and residents to change their behaviour to reduce climate impact. The project provided space for collaboration across organisational boundaries for people with similar commitments and working methods.
Communication in the project was welcoming and non-judgemental. It included a mini fair on solar power and electric cars, collection of used electronics, pop-up sales of surplus building components, a sustainability challenge for Luleå’s upper secondary school students and the larger fair Luleå framtidssäkrar. The approach was successful and continues after the project period as part of the municipality’s strategic climate work.
The image shows what it looked like when the municipality made a pop-up shop with building materials. Read more about the project here

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