Lund: Strategy for a sustainable transport system

For a long time, Lund Municipality has been working successfully to take its transport system in an ever more sustainable direction. This work has attracted much attention at both national and international level. On many occasions the Municipality has received awards for its work. An English version of Lunds strategic document LundaMaTs III can be found here.

Success in ensuring an accessible and attractive environment that promotes sustainable development is dependent on reduced car use and replacing the car with other modes of travel such as public transport, walking and cycling. The individual chooses between the modes of transport available for the journey in question. The mode of transport seen as the most favourable is the one chosen. In order to influence the choice of mode of transport, it is important to change the relative attractiveness of the different ones available. Car dependence can be reduced by creating favourable conditions for more sustainable alternatives and by ensuring that a sustainable mode of transport is the obvious choice – a choice which most people today consider to be the car.


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