Malmö's summer streets - a taste of a more human friendly city center

Malmö began it’s summer street program in 2017. The summer streets begin in April and last until October. Streetspace formerly reserved for car traffic gives way to greenery, outdoor seating and priority for pedestrians. The idea and motivation behind the Summer Streets is an investment in city life and pleasant living environments that enrich people’s lives. Check out the website for more photos of Malmö’s summer streets.

Regulations for Malmö’s Summer Streets include:

  • CYCLING: You can cycle on a pedestrian street, but not faster than walking and pedestrians have right away.
  • MOTOR VEHICLES: Motor vehicles may only be driven on pedestrian streets if necessary for: deliveries of goods to or from stores or accommodations, transport of guests to or from hotels or equivalent, transport of a sick or disabled person to or from an address on the pedestrian street
  • SPEED: vehicles that have the right to drive on the pedestrian street may only drive at walking speed and must always give priority to pedestrians.
  • PARKING: On a pedestrian street, parking may only take place in a specially arranged place.


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