Östersund: Electrified workplace

Östersund municipality to have the EU’s first electrified workplace: The worksite at the Ottfjället preschool in Torvalla was inaugurated on June 9 by Fossil Free Sweden, the municipality of Östersund, Skanska, Volvo and the children who will attend the preschool. It is an electrified workplace, which means that the preschool is being built with electrically powered machines inside the construction fence.

Building with electric machines is part of Fossil Free Sweden’s Climate Leader Municipalities project, in which six municipalities have participated. The aim is to increase the pace of the transition through climate requirements in public procurement. Östersund municipality has identified the electrification of work machines as an area with great development potential, and has therefore set requirements for an emission-free workplace at the Ottfjället preschool. A number of different electrically powered machines will be used: excavator, wheel loader, electric truck for internal mass transportation, plate compactor, tower crane, concrete pump and filler pump.

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