Bygge av byggnad i trä.

Skellefteå - building sustainably with wood

Skellefteå’s leading position in Swedish wood processing is founded on the plentiful availability of raw materials. Of the region’s 3 million hectares of late-grown and extremely strong spruce and pine forest, 350,000 cubic meters of trees are processed each year. The forest is crucial in the processing chain as a raw material for the timber industry, the paper and pulp industry, and bioenergy.

In addition to sawn timber products and component manufacturing, several Skellefteå companies have had a prominent role in industrial building in wood. The development of bridges, halls and apartment buildings in wood will play an increasingly important role in the sustainable society of the future.

Collaboration with research institutes, such as SP Trätek and Luleå University of Technology, by Skellefteå’s wood companies gives direct access to world-leading scientific wood research.

Since the advent of the national wooden building strategy in the early 2000s, Skellefteå has worked hard to establish itself in the vanguard of wooden construction and has become a regular destination for technical visits from all over the world. On October 14, 2014, the City Council adopted a wooden building strategy to further increase the motivation for more people to choose to build in wood.

Isn’t it good, Swedish plywood: the miraculous eco-town with a 20-storey wooden skyscraper, article from The Guardian.

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