Vallastaden in Linköping: A dense, green and varied city disctrict

As a city district, Vallastaden is unique in itself. Nearly 1000 residences have been built by 40 different developers – all in record time. The result is a vibrant urban district centered around its residents. The entire project has gone from idea to completion in only five years. Vallastaden has an architectural variety that is rare in most new city districts. Within a single block you will find a mix of detached houses, terrace houses, apartment buildings, student housing and commercial spaces. No single architect has designed two houses standing next to each other. The district is built around central themes of social, environmental and economical sustainability. Many of the innovative aspects of Vallastaden are direct results of challenging the way in which we traditionally build cities. Throughout the process, we have developed The Vallastaden Model – a new model for social planning.

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