Växjö: Annual bicycling and public transport report

The city of Växjö annually presents a bicycle and public transport report, as a way to highlight the bicycle measures taken during the past year. Some examples from 2019 are:

  • The start of a bicycle library, where citizens kan try 21 types of bicycles: cargo bikes, foldable bikes, e-bikes, commuter bikes. The bikes are borrowed for three weeks, to see if they can replace certain car trips. Participants fill in a survey to give ideas for improving bike infrastructure in the city. The bicycle library is a cooperation with local bike shops
  • Six new bike crossings along the prioritized main cycling routes
  • New bus route to Bredvik
  • Refurbished bus stations with weather protection
  • A travel time study between cycling and driving was carried out. The study includes nine sections from six different districts to two central destinations during rush hour traffic on weekdays between 07.15-08.30. The result showed that the car to the center is marginally faster than the bike, about 2 minutes to the car’s advantage. On the longer distances, it goes faster by car and the biggest time difference was where the car arrived 13 minutes faster than the bicycle. The overall impression for both bicycle and car is that the flows are relatively low despite sometimes heavy traffic. The average speed varied for a bike between 15 and 19 km/h and for cars between 17 and 44 km/h. In general, the route is shorter for bicycles than for cars. Time for parking, was for both vehicles included at the destination.

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