Växjö: Fossil fuel free district heating, cooling and electricity

On 19 December, Anna Tenje, chairman of the municipal board in Växjö, shoveled in the last peat in Sandviksverket, and since then, all district heating, district cooling and electricity are produced entirely with renewable biofuel from forest residue and remains from nearby wood products companies.

– We set the standard for ourselves in everyday life and have clarified our guidelines for, for example, our own travel. We are proud and happy that our district heating production is now completely fossil fuel free and completely renewable. Even though peat only accounted for a very small part of our total fuels, it has been an important goal that we have worked towards, says Erik Tellgren, CEO of Växjö Energi.

The work machines that contractors use when they carry out assignments for Växjö Energi are also free from fossil fuels.

– In good cooperation with our contractors who carry out the work on our behalf, we agree that they then use fossil fuel-free machines and work vehicles when they perform assignments for Växjö Energi. The next step is to go even further into the supply chain and secure a fossil fuel-free supply chain of renewable fuels and supplies. Such a collaboration with our suppliers has already begun, says Erik Tellgren.

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