Örebro: Smart buildings that reduce, produce, store and share energy with each other

Typically, buildings are end stations for energy. But in the new housing district Tamarinden, the Swedish city of Örebro is creating local conditions for the buildings to be able to reduce, produce, store and share energy with each other, in a way that has never been done before. Just two kilometers from the malls in the city, a stone’s throw from the popular recreation areas and next to the university, about 600 new homes will be created.

Locally produced energy from renewable sources is encouraged, so that the district can become almost self-sufficient. This is done with the help of a local energy grid that all buildings in the Tamarinden disctrict can connect to. In this way it is possible to avoid power consumption peaks that are both expensive and bad for the environment.

”Life between the buildings” is a motto for the new neighbourhood. Tamarind street, which winds its way through the district, will function as an urban living room. Humans will be given the lead role and those wishing to live a car free life will find it  easy, thanks to car- and bike pools and good access to public transport. Cars will be parked in peripheral areas.

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Contact: Jan Johansson; jan.ew.johansson@orebro.se

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